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World Day of Prayer : Join us on 1st March

"I Beg You ... Bear with One Another in Love"

Join us in Dunbarney Church Hall on Friday 1st March at 1.30pm (soup and refreshments from 12.00) as we join others all over the world, to pray for peace and justice. Led by ex-Moderator, the Very Rev Dr Andrew McLellan, there will be many participants from churches across the LECT.

The Word Day of Prayer is for everyone - men, women and young alike. Further details to follow .

This year the service for the World Day of Prayer has been written by the Christian women of Palestine who, despite all the suffering and injustice in the land of the Holy One, have maintained their sumud (steadfastness) though mostly non-violent resistance, and a genuine effort to advocate and work for justice together with Muslims and Jews who believe in equal rights. They ask everyone to bear with them in love and to pray for an end to all human suffering; to stand with them to achieve security and peace for all people around the world. Find out more here


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