Images from around our Parish

Some Pictures from Aberdalgie Church

Aberdalgie is a rural area close to Perth city centre. It includes the landed estate of Dupplin home of Lord Forteviot and the parish enjoys a good supportive, relationship with the Laird. In addition to the estate, forests and farms there are three main groups of houses, one towards Perth, one south of the church and the third at Craigend. A total of 87 electors were eligible to vote in this ward in December 2011.

Some Pictures from Forteviot Church

Forteviot is a small rural village with listed conservation status. Habitation hereabouts goes back to the Stone Age. In the late 800’s AD Forteviot was the site of the ancient capital of Scotland. The area opposite the church comprises a handsome village square with 10 houses built as a planned community by the then Lord Forteviot in 1927. The old schoolhouse is now a private residence; there is a small, modernized primary school (currently about 26 pupils) which enjoys an excellent local reputation. In addition to the village houses, there is a village hall, three other private houses, two workshops and a bowling club and green. The Forteviot area extends west towards Dunning, south to including the Invermay estate and eastwards to Kildinny farm. There were 83 electors eligible to vote in this ward in December 2011.

Fellowship and Scenes from around the Parish

The journey we have been on has created a very strong sense of fellowship and commitment to our parish – not just amongst the Elders but more widely among the members of the congregation. Since the formation of the linkage volunteers have come forward to fulfill many of the administrative tasks of the parish. The opportunity for discussion during tea/coffee time after worship has become a vital part of our parish life; members can comment on future plans and contribute ideas as to how we move forward with e.g. fundraising, stewardship and plans for special worship services. This means that we are moving forward together and the eldership enjoys a firm sense of a mandate from the members.