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Bear with one another in love - a reminder from the World Day of Prayer

"What an amazingly powerful but, at the same time, warm and happy service it was."

Friday 1st March was the World Day of Prayer. A large number gathered in Dunbarney Church Hall, uniting with those across the world to share in this year's service drawn up by the Christian women of Palestine.

Led by the Very Rev Dr Andrew McLellan, the service incorporated stories from Eleonor, Lina and Sara, representing the trunk, the branch and the leaf of the olive tree. Each of these roles, as well as the reader and the narrator, was played by representatives from all churches across the network - offering up opportunities to expand our friendships from Dunning to Abernethy. We heard about how to identify a Palestinian Woman (through weeping, through working and through worship), we heard tales of extraordinary people in horrendously challenging situations, and we offered the sign of peace to others at the service, exchanging bookmarks, with olive leaves attached to them.

£342.50 was taken for the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza. The only functioning hospital in the north of Gaza, and a partner of the Church of Scotland, it provides a vital service in an increasingly desperate situation. The hospital is committed to providing 24/7 health services for all people in need of medical care. We were delighted to support them in these catastrophic times. Donations are always welcome - just click here.

Thank you to everyone who supported the event.


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