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Our FUTURE is in Our hands: Voting on 29th October after the service - only those present can vote.

As you may know, Presbytery is proposing changes involving parishes being grouped into networks.

We are writing to let you know that, following morning worship in Forteviot on Sunday, October 29th at 9:30am, representatives of Perth Presbytery will attend to conduct a congregational vote on the future of our parish, the parish of Aberdalgie and Forteviot.

The current Perth Presbytery Plan calls for:

o the breaking of the current linkage with Aberuthven and Dunning;

o the formation of a new linkage with the parish of Dunbarney and Forgandenny.

This important decision obviously affects all members of our congregation who care about the future of Christian worship in our parish.

This vote, once ratified by Perth Presbytery in November, would mean that we become part of Network 2 and the Minister of Dunbarney and Forgandenny, Rev. Allan Wilson, would become our Minister.

Your Kirk Session and Elders strongly encourage you to attend this important meeting so that your views and opinions about our future direction can be recorded. Can we remind you that, in accordance with Presbytery rules, only those members physically present at the meeting can cast a vote.

If you have questions or concerns you can call your District Elder or the Session Clerk, Gordon Mackay on 07739 714288.

While changes in church structure are proposed, there is no change to the historic good news of God’s loving action in Jesus, or to the need for Jesus in our very troubled world.

We hope to see you on 29th and in the meantime would value your prayers for a clear vision of the way ahead for the congregation.

With good wishes

The Kirk Session


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