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Overwhelming generosity for human rights monitors from our congregation

A letter expressing thanks, from The Convener of The Friends of St Andrew's Jerusalem & Tiberias, the Very Rev Andrew McLellan, was received by Rev Allan Wilson, and shared with the congregation. The overwhelming generosity of our parish in raising £426 for EAPPI (Ecumenical Accompaniement Programme for Palestine and Israel) will go towards supporting the work Ecumenical Accompaniers do in observing, companioning and advocating on return to home. There has been a relentless upward trend in reports written about breaches of international humanitarian law in recent years, and since 7th October 2023 there are no EAPPIs in Israel-Palestine, though many are keeping in touch from home. Those who have been able to go to Bedouin communities and hear what’s happening in Hebron and elsewhere report increasing settler violence and intimidation. Over 140 families who had resisted removal from their land for many years have now succumbed.

The Church of Scotland website has a new page specifically focussing on their work in Israel and Palesting. Click here to follow.


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