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Both our church buildings are on sites where there has been Christian worship for many centuries. The present Aberdalgie building erected in 1773 was followed 5 years later by the present Forteviot building which houses a bell dated c900AD.  The congregations of Muckersie in 1618 and Pathstruie in 1973 were included. In those days they served a rural area with farms employing many families.


What a lot of changes have happened! The speed of change is accelerating!  Many in the congregation are from Perth which has extended into the parish area.  We believe that the Christian faith is not a mere religious system, but a living relationship with God made possible through “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever”.


We believe that Jesus is both true and dynamically relevant to life today e.g.

  • In an age of digital technology and medical progress people look for personal identity - we believe that we are not a biochemical mix treated as a cog in a system but people who matter to God made known in the cross and resurrection of Jesus. 

  • Climate Change is a big issue for the future - ecology is the belated application of the biblical teaching of stewardship of creation


Everyone is welcome in our parish … that means YOU !


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Sunday 30th January

9.30am Forteviot


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Rev Sandy Gunn - Locum Minister.jpg

Rev Sandy Gunn - Locum Minister

Gordon Mackay - Acting Session Clerk, Mission & Outreach Convener. Presbytery Elder

Gordon Mackay, Interim Session Clerk

Lesley MaKay, Treasurer

Lesley Mackay, Treasurer & Elder

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