Aberdalgie Church has had several significant patrons since the start of the 14th century. Sir William Oliphant of Aberdalgie is buried in the churchyard at the site of the old church which is set off the road a few hundred yards from the present site. Sir William’s neighbour in 1304 was his cousin William de Dupplin.


Aberdalgie was united with the parish of Dupplin in 1618 and in 1725 the patronage was assumed by the Earl of Kinnoull, who built the present Church in 1773. The Dewar family became lairds of Dupplin in 1911 and the church was extensively remodelled by Baron Forteviot in 1929. A significant refurbishment was carried out in 1993, the majority of which was financed by Lord Forteviot.


The top stone of Sir William Oliphant’s burial vault is next to the pulpit and the Kinnoull burial vault is beneath the East end of the church. The building contains a Laird’s gallery and the former retiring room is currently used as the Church Office. Aberdalgie has a cemetery to the North of the church.